Our Vision

Our Vision


As a society, as a community, it is our responsibilities to make sure our youth receive the proper guidance, so they can pursue a meaningful and fulfilling career. Our vision is to see a nation where all students, regardless of their parent’s income, regardless of their skin color, and regardless of their gender all have access to a quality higher education.   Our vision at Ketáb is to provide a safe and free learning environment for students from all backgrounds to excel.


  The United States is one of the only developed countries where the quality of education depends on the geographical location of the student. Therefore, students from low income neighborhoods often are districted to under performing schools. Studies show that academic school quality is an important factor in the probability of completing high school and enrolling in college. In other words, student struggling with school early on are less likely to graduate from high school. This is why Ketáb’s mission provides students with resources and guidance to ensure a smooth transition from high school to college.

Currently, there is approximately one college advisors (CAP counselors) per school, with schools in low income communities not having any CAP counselors. Students often have to wait weeks to receive guidance on their college applications. Other students have never met their CAP counselor due to clash between students’ high demands and the school’s low resources. Therefore, students that do not receive college help through their parents or an older sibling are left to figure it out on their own. This issue deepens educational disparities as first generation college students, immigrant students, and others struggle to plan and apply for college.


At Ketáb, our solution is to promote and provide quality education. We firmly believe that each child has the right to a better life. It is our vision that each student understands that they matter and are valued as students and scholars of the next generation. Using academic enhancement as a means to improve student confidence and well-being, we help students realize their full potential and capabilities.